Saturday, 22 January 2011

The one that got away!!!!

With the river clearing and dropping its level I decided to get out and try and bag a larger chub for the challenge board. With a bag of liquidized bread, a few slices of thick cut white and my roving kit I set off to search out some chub. I settled first on a swim with a large overhanging tree on the far side but nothing showed any interest after about 30 minutes. So I moved to swim number 2 but again nothing felt like bread for breakfast!

Swim number 2
As I believe chub bite within this time if they are there I packed up and moved to a new swim number 3. I decided upon a deep near side swim which had a raft of reeds in it. Creeping up I plopped a small feeder full in, and sat back out of the way.

Swim number 3!

About 10 mins passed before my tip twitched then bent down into the water, I struck and hit into a solid feeling fish. I tried very hard to keep pressure on the fish to keep it out of the roots and reeds which it came from, bringing it to the surface. At this point my eyes really opened to see a real lump of a chub attached to my line.... at this point I checked my drag as without a doubt this was the largest chub I have every hooked into. As I did this the fish took off diving deep back to the right, directly into some roots. To cut a very short story even shorter I tried every think to free the line but eventually snapped up.....Gutted!!!!!!!
Though I did try a couple of other swims nothing came over the next hour.

Disappointed I drove back towards home, but decided to drop into another stretch that I have caught chub recently.
I went straight to my favourite swim and quietly set up. Within a couple of minutes my tip ripped round and I had a fish on. After a short fight I landed a cub which on the scales weighed 2lb 14oz. Not a monster but still saved the blank. I noted the damage on this fishes peduncle and to the rear of its gill, if that was a pike jaw it was a good one!

Could not do a self timed picture with camera as it appears to have given up the ghost so had to take it on my mobile.
On the way back to the car I stopped and had a chat with another angler who gave me information of a place that is throwing up roach around 2lb on a very regular basis.....perhaps, perhaps.....perhaps!!!

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  1. Those big wily Chub love the snags Andy.

    Unlucky on the loss, but at least you know where he hangs out now.