Monday, 3 January 2011

First session of 2011 - On the Avon

After having a chat with Dan it was decided that we would venture to the town stretches of the Avon in Stratford, which are target being the roach that have been caught around this area recently. As many know Stratford is a very frustrating place to fish, as though it does have some excellent sport, in fact arguably the best around, it does also have the highest population of visitors and boat traffic.

Due the the amount of boats, canoes and rowers it makes fishing very difficult as though we are both river users some "boat people" seem not to have any sense of consideration towards anyone else using the water for their selected pastime. Some not paying attention to where people maybe fishing and indeed at times deliberately directing their boat towards the areas that anglers may be fishing....more of this later!!!

I picked Dan up prior to first light and headed of up the A46.

On arrival the river looked in great order though carrying some colour and some colour it looked very fishy! I had already prepared a bucket of processed bread, to which I added some caster. With my aim being to fish a cage feeder on a paternoster style set up with a nice piece of flake on the hook, in search of quality roach.

I set up two identical rods onto my newly acquired Korum double rod roost...Merry Christmas!
I cast both rods out to around 3/4 of the way across the river, clipping up to ensure accuracy throughout the morning, with the aim being to get fish feeding in a specific area. Though nothing came in the first hour it did give me a chance to get some bait out due to regular casts.

After a while my right hand rod tip bounced back then twitched forwards and I was hooked into a fish. Due to the jagged head shakes I knew it was a bream and not my target species but all fish are welcome. The net slipped under a fin perfect fish of 3lb 4oz.

I quickly re baited with flake and cast to the clip in the same area, I did not have to wait long before the tip banged again and I was into the second fish of the day, once again the fight gave this away as a bream, in fact it could have been the twin of the previous fish. Slightly smaller at 3lb. Again fin perfect.

This is when my session was interrupted by some extremely annoying rowing club who not only interrupted the catching of fish but also prevented any rhythm from being gained. I think for the next two hours my rods were only in situ for probably 20 mins. I did though managed to hold in place long enough to watch my left hand rod tip twitch and then bend around. Striking into what felt like a better fish. Taking my time I managed to slip my net under a bream of 4lb 4oz, alot older looking than the previous pair, and also a pound heavier.
After a very kind rower ripped me out,without an apology (which was nice!) I eventually managed to snag another bream of 2lb 60z. Once again very pretty fin perfect fish.

My frustration was growing as the rowers, that came down the river at times 3 a breast taking up the whole channel, with their motor boat stopping mind channel directly in front of us, so casting was not possible!!!

This was very annoying as I knew that there were fish feeding on my baited areas but I was unable to get a baited line to them...never fishing here on a Sunday morning again!

It was about an hour before the rowers disappeared and whilst talking to another angler I did managed to strike into a small roach of 9oz. Though it was the species I had targeted, I was sure there was more to be had if circumstances had been different.

Oh well its two species on the board, though not big they were fish..

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  1. Unucky andy typical no paying water terrorists ruining it for every one else .Contributing nothing yet ruining everything ....just my opinion and not aimed at all boat users.

    Drop me an e-mither mate some time .I would love to get out with Dan and yourself sometime.

    That goes to all fellow bloggers as well.