Friday, 30 December 2011

Few wets lines and new targets for 2012

It seems like an age since I really concentrated on blogging, for which to those who follow it I
I have been out and about but without a massive amount of quality fish being caught. Visiting gravel it's for zander with no results, the canal for stripe's when it's frozen etc. The most productive sessions that I have had, have been to small sections of the Avon at which I have caught some nice quality roach, dace and chub.
On the 27th I landed the fish pictured below as the winter sun warmed me on the river, whilst all the other members of the club fished the pools with little results.
I feel the swim that I am concentrating on might well throw up a few surprises. Already when float fishing I have lost two large chub, mistakenly put a very large dace back thinking it was a chub and had roach up to about 11oz.
My next task was a planned visit to the river test, in Southampton to put a few last percentage points on the board, but my fathers health has been very poor recently so this will have to be postponed.
I am now having thoughts of the next angling year, in which I am aiming to achieve the list below, with my focus now being on more specimen style fishing instead of pleasure/ match style.
Roach over 2lb
Perch over 3lb
Bream over 10lb
Tench over 10lb
Pike over 20lb
Zander over 10lb
Carp over 25lb
Grayling over 2lb
Crucian carp over 3lb
Barbel over 12lb

Whilst fully realising that these targets are high, I honestly feel that with the correct techniques and the correct water I can achieve these goals. I have spent time and money on changing my tackle to suit a more specialist approach, and along with getting told I can no longer play contact sports, have more time to dedicate to my passion.

Below is a picture that makes me smile. Whilst visiting on New Years day, I had a chance to take my nephew fishing. Whilst my brother visited our dad in hospital.We visited the same swim as I had caught from earlier in the week. Within about ten minutes he had landed his first ever chub,of 3lb 4oz. The photo was sent straight to his grandad who though in intensive care managed a smile at the photo also. Perhaps a future blogger?
I wish you all the very best for the new year .....tight lines.