Thursday, 2 August 2012

On the lake....few bits and pieces!

After agreeing with Dan to take on ticket with him on the lake I have made a few journeys to try to bag some fish. the first session produced a nice female tench of 6lb which though not a large fish it was fin perfect and looked like a picture book fish.

This was then followed by a pleasing bream of 7lb 6oz, this fish had very interesting mark on its caudal fin which looked like an eye. I am sure if I capture this fish again this will be a noticeable mark. (this picture though did not take well).

 More fin perfect fish followed in recent weeks, I must say not only have I been impressed with the husbandry shown to this fishery but also the quality of the fish is surprising on a busy local water. I have included a few more pics from the adventures including plenty of Bream, Tench up to 6lb 8oz and yes probably the smallest carp in the whole lake!!!(all 1lb 5oz of it!!)

Open wide

6lb 8oz

Fin perfect
Smallest carp in the lake??