Sunday, 13 February 2011

Worm beats the bread!

I arranged to meet Danny at a stretch of canal that I have recently walked, and spoken to a couple of anglers that regularly fish it in my club. They have had some good catches from there, so the focus being on the quality roach that it holds.
After about an hour of fishing the punch over liquidised breadon the pole, and only having one small roach to show it became evident that tactics might have to change....
This was assisted by the fact that whilst I was waiting for roach, Danny had landed a cracking perch (see Lure of angling).
With this decided to change to fish worm down the inside, whilst not necessarily in an orthodox method it produced four perch, the largest of which I have pictured below as it scaled 1lb 8oz. though I will hopefully improve on this it has at least given me some challenge points.

At the end of the session I helped Danny to picture some of his catch, which I have to say were belters, in fact I suggest you have a look at his blog.I will be returning soon to beat Dans weight set!!!!
Tight lines.


  1. Fantastic perch mate my favourite fish .

    I wernt myself today but couldnt buy a bite!!!


  2. Cheers Baz, You wait till Dan posts!!!

  3. Nice work Andy, nothing unorthodox about perch on the pole mate, margin or not.
    It's gotta be the best method for accurate bait presentation (ref: Bowler's 5lber !!)

    I had the same idea yesterday on cut, missed the only bite! - oh well, they'll keep !