Sunday, 16 January 2011

New PB Pike....on the cut!

After watching the river level swell over the passed week, and also having struggled with the bread punch last week on a stilllwater. It was decided that myself and Dan would have a bash on the canal at a popular spot which has recently shown that pike can be caught there.
We arrived for day break and eagerly set up our rods, though windy the temperature and conditions felt very good, with there some cloud cover and a ripple on the water. I set up two rods, one of with was a simple float rig which a dead bait of roach was presented. the other was a running ledger rig that I presented a popped -up half of a lamprey. I cast my float into the opening of the nearby marina and cast the ledger towards a snaggy looking area.

I like to set up my pike ledgers with both an alarm on the front and a drop of indicator on the rear, to give me maximum bite recognition. I feel that the reason why some pike get hooked very deep is due to a lack of sensitivity in peoples gear, as quite often I am sure the pike pick up the bait and chew it before moving off.

After about 3/4 of an hour my bite alarm beeped a couple of times and the drop of indicator rose slowly, I picked up the rod, wound down and struck into the run. Fish on!!!!
I took it very slowly as I have only caught a handful of pike and knew that this fish had a good chance of being my PB. I passer by commented that he thought it was a large Zander, to which I replied, "if it is its a good one!". After a gentle, quite controlled fight the fish emerged right in front of the waiting net, that Dan scooped under the fish for me.
With the fish lying on its side in the net I could see that its was a double and would be a new PB. With Dans assistance the hook was removed from just inside the scissors, which was very satisfying. Into the sling and onto the scales she went, after a short conflab we agreed on 15lb 8 oz. A very happy chicken!
Nice big belly!

Big pike or small man?

Last thing they see!
Photos where taken and she was held in the the water for a couple of minutes, regaining her strength before kicking away back to her lair.
Later, as we spoke about our surprise than no Zander had made an appearance Dans right hand float started to drift across the canal, the result being a very nice pike of 11lb 3oz (see the lure of angling for further details!)
Though no more fish showed any interest I left feeling content that I had a new Pb for a pike and also a fish on the board for the challenge.


  1. Nice one Andy.

    Looking a little closer at the Pike, I think it's becoming a regular - it looks like the same fish Jeff caught recently, judging by the markings on it.

    It would have been nice to have seen it myself last week though!

  2. Nice fish Andy - agree with Sean it's the same one Jeff had, the large spot near the gill cover and the tail root markings match up.

    Now where will I find that 16 plus ??

  3. Yes lads, jeff came down not long after I had caught it. Shame in some ways but I suppose it was inevitable

  4. Nice fish Andy how much does old rent a pike charge by the hour mate hahahaha.

    I want one of them !!!

  5. Jeff had it in his pond for a couple of weeks, cost me a pack of guiness!