Friday, 25 June 2010

Not a fixed spool in sight!


I decided to spend some time cleaning up what I originally thought was an old knackered centre pin reel that my grandfather had left me many years ago amongst alot of very poor quality turned out to be an Allocks perfection "flick-em" which after 3 hours of polishing on cleaning looks great and spins for ever. I loaded it with some free line that I received some time ago and I was ready to try it out. I set-up a very simple small waggler, lift float, to which I tied a fine wire size 12. This would be great for fishing paste at my local pools, down the indie margin.

As there was alot of carp feeding off the surface on Friday night I also included my newly acquired fly rod to have some fun with. the set up is a 8/9 weight rod, with a large 7/9 weight reel, filled with 8 weight forward floating line, with a ten pound mono tippet. To which I tied an imitation dog biscuit fly.

I got to the pools and settled down on the peg just sitting on my unhooking mat as a box and put a large piece of paste onto the hook, this could not be easier!

After about 2 minutes the waggler popped up then slid away, i has hooked my first fish on the vintage pin! A bream of around 3lb was safely netted moments later, this was then followed by 5 more bream and a couple of hard fighting tincas. I have to say playing fish on the pin is very enjoyable the reel is very responsive and makes the fight alot more interactive than a fixed spool drag set up.

After taking a few smaller fish from this swim i decided to move to a corner peg with some lilly cover for my planned fly session later, as I did not want to miss out on fishing this peg.

Again i had a couple of bream and tench from under an over hanging willow to the left of the swim, all of which fell to a large piece a bread flake., felt good catching these on the combination of the pin and bread, very advanced!

As the sun dropped lower i began to introduce some mixers to my right to get the carp up and feeding, which they did after around 10 minutes which the small rudd drawing their attention to the free offerings. So out come the fly rod, which I have to see say I am far from competent at using in fact i felt like i have never fished before as I attempted to get my fly somewhere near the feeding carp. They seemed to take all of the freebies but once again not my fly, well at least for the first hour...then bingo I hooked it a nice fish on the edge of the lillies which went mental!

I have never caught a carp in this manner and was not aware that the rod handle plays such a pivotal role in general course fishing as the butt section rests on your forearm during the fight, were as obviously a fly rod does not have the and the pressure on your wrist is staggering. Perhaps as my technical understanding improves then so will my technique of fighting the fish.

The rod dealt with the fish very impressively and the drag on the reel can be set to ensure the fish is under tension but still able to run..loved it.

Reached for my net and a lovely mirror of 12lb 7oz was capture. Not bad a double for my fish carp on the fly!

I have to say I really enjoyed this unorthodox methods used during this season, as the simplicity the tackle used, as well as it heritage and new technical aspects gave me a lot of satisfaction and a wider understanding of angling in its purest form. Perhaps I do get drawn in by modern techniques and innovations when simply ways can be more enjoyable??

After studying some pics it would appear this fish is a friend of mine!

Tight lines - oh yeh hello Owen! (my nephew)

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