Monday, 21 June 2010

Avon Hoe pools for the first time this season

I have been a member at the Avon Hoe pools in Church Lawford for many years now and they still abide by the closed season so after my exploits on the river earlier in the week I decided to give the pools a go on Friday evening.
I fished a peg that I know quite well with a bed of 1mm and 2mm sinking feed pellets (Findlay) and the 4mm and 6mm expanders fished over the top, with some fishmeal paste also in tandem for the larger fish. I fed both margins to my right and left and a 'long' swim at 10 metres. All of my rigs where set about 1 inch over depth with the full bristle showing as alot of the time the bream to give line bites.
I started to my left as this for some reason is my preferred side, I do not know why...
Straight away I started to catch roach of about 6oz on the 4mm pellets with the odd skimmer mixed in up to about 1lb, in fact I quickly racked up about 6lb of silvers. i then decided to go onto the 6mm pellets, my float was in the water for no less than 30 seconds before sliding away to a lovely 3lb tench, which tested the number 9 hollow Preston elastic that i use for crucian fishing at Snitterfield to its full in fact it went out about 30 yards which surprised me!
This continued then for about an hour with both tench and bream taking the larger pellet, up to and around the 4lb mark, then my rhythm was interrupted, by a lump. The elastic controlled the fish at a distance for a good 45 minutes, before unfortunately giving way as went to net the large fish which as clearly over 20lbs in fact it would have been my largest carp caught from this venue and also on the pole. I was very disappointed not only to loose this fish but also due to the issue of the rig being still attached to the fish, though i realise that is would throw the barbless hook it still something that I hate to do , this is the reason why i fish a 2lb 6oz to ensure this does not happen,but unfortunately the elastic must have had a weak link as it gave way.
I had another top section set up with number 11 elastic so was quickly back in the water. I decided to try the paste instead of the pellet for the remainder of the season and caught tench and bream steadily until 9.30 and my local Chinese was calling. In the end I spent another 40 minutes playing a lovely common carp which tipped the scales at 14lb 4oz which with the additional of 12 tench that ranged for 2lb 8oz to 4lb 10oz, 7 bream between 2lb and 4lb 2oz, 6lb of mixed Roach, Rudd and skimmers, oh yeah and one brown goldfish and gudgeon!
All together after 5hrs I was very happy to have caught around 65lb of fish...not bad for my fish season back on the think some people were commenting on the fact that is not fishing well!
I will be back on the lake tomorrow this time I will take my camera, I know a blog with out pictures is boring! Will pack the pair next time...least it stopped the phone calls asking me when I was getting home! xx

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