Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Back on the pool...with camera

After a pleasing session last night I again returned to the Avon Hoe pool, with the same aim as the previous evening.
I selected a swim that is pegged just one before my favourite in between two willow trees that both over hang the water slightly giving a small amount of cover. I like this peg as it gives various options of marginal swims with no real snags under to prevent landing the larger fish.

I set my rigs to depth and got my "station" organised, whilst doing this I had a quick chat with Chris who was fishing the dam end who had caught a couple nice bream and tench on bread down the inside margin on a light rod with a centre pin, with his home crafted crow quill floats (which i must say look and work superbly well)

So first cast with a 6mm pellet,within 10 seconds my float had sunk and my number 11 elastic way running out across the pool....quickly i tried to ship out to stop a break up this early in the season, as I did so unfortunately I did not line my number 3 section up dead straight with my number 4 and managed to crack a section of about 5mm off the leading lip of the male 4 was a good job my torrents medication had cut in! I still was able to make the joint and after about 10 minutes the fish fish of the season was netted weighing in at 12lb 7oz, not bad for 10 seconds fishing!
I quickly took a picture and returned the carp to the next peg.
I feed in some more 1mm and 2mm fed pellets and re baited with a 6mm expander and drooped back into the margin. For the next hour or so i caught steadily netting 8 bream and a tench, with the add nice roach mixed in. This was a change from the previous evening as it was predominately tench instead of bream before whereas now the roles had been reversed.

As a change I decided to try my luck with a large piece of paste to see if I could get into the tincas instead of bramas! Once again my float drifted away and my elastic went on a trip across to the centre of the pool, carp on! A very long fight of around 50 minutes was finally bought to an end when I slipped the net under a nice mirror, In fact I was using a 18" Drennan Super Specialist and the fish had to bend to get in....mind your head!

I went up the bank and put the net onto the longer grass to cushion the fish, scales and sling ready....17lb 4oz. Not bad considering she has obviously recently "spawned out". I would have liked to have got a better picture of me with this fish as it is one of my largest on the pole, but Chris was fighting his own personal battle with a carp and the other anglers where way to far away! The fish was returned back to water as she slowly swam away.

This fish was follow with in 5 minutes by another a common of 8lb 9oz, this fish felt like a dream to land compared with the two fish previously.

I then decided to go back to fish a smaller pellet as to be honest fighting fish for hours in not really my style and was not what I had set out to do.
4mm expander on and float started to bob and dance, perhaps roach I its those little pixies! I landed 7 small crucain back to back in around 20 minutes which I was quite pleased with, as I find them beautiful and indeed a challenege to catch.

At around 12 o'clock I decided to pack away and view my catch, all in all I had 17 bream ranging between 2 and 4lb, four tench of around the same mark, 7 crucians, 25 roach and of course 37lb 4oz of carp so again a nice season inn which around 100lb of fish caught. Happy Days!

I aim to return tomorrow evening with a slightly different approach!
Tight Lines.

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