Friday, 11 June 2010

College pool and it p***ed it down!

After fishing Snitters I decided to give college pool a go on Tuesday. I had decided to try and fish the "Polaris" slider float with a cage feeder into the centre of lake over a bed of corn and pellets with some fishmeal ground bait mixed to try and pull in and hold the bream that I know are in the pool. As well as this I took my pole for and inside line.

I arrived to an empty pool so walked around to see where the bream might be feeding. After ten minutes it became evident that they were all over with fish topping and producing feeding bubbles almost every where I stopped. So I decided to fish about half way down the right hand bank with a slightly overhanging tree situated.
I mixed my ground bait and participle first of all to ensure the bream had time to move onto the bait prior to the introduction of my hook bait. Using the Polaris float as my marker I balled in 5 oranges into the swim. also introducing a couple down the inside line at only 4 meters out, under the overhanging tree.
I baited the hook with corn and caster and introduced the rig to the baited area, to say it felt strange feeder fishing with a float was an understatement. With the water being so deep and not wanting to have a tight line going through the swim I saw it as my only real choice.
Whilst that settled I rigged my pole on the inside line...getting a huge surprise when I discovered I have to fish 8 metres to hand in order to hold bottom. Very weird way of fish the pole at just 4 metres out! To ensure that my bait found the depth I set up quite a heavy pole float at 1.5g with an olivette at 15 inches above my hook with two number 9 dropper shot.

On completing this my polaries float shot up nearly lifting completely out of the water, so I wound down to find my first bream of the had taken the bait. Looked like I way in for a good day at the point....

I quickly re-baited and returned to the abyss...where it remained for quite some time! There were fish feeding around my baited area but they just were not taking my bait....?

I decided to try the pole down the near edge and hit another bream straight away, not quite what I was expecting....
The rain then decided to test my resolve for the next three hours giving me an absolute soaking..I could be in a hot bath!

As the rain stopped I started to notice that there was still fish feeding on my baited area so to change I swapped the polaris set up for a method feeder in an attempt to try a different style of presentation. Once again after only 5 mins I had another bream, this was to be my last taken from the centre swim.

The next 3 bream all came from the pole swim, falling to soft expander pellets. Overall not to disappointed with 6 bream for over 30lbs of fish.

Over 30lb of bream.

Largest pair at 7lb 4oz and 6lb 8oz

After getting so wet sitting still I decided to have some fun with the angry little carp that live at each end of the lake. Every put in get one of the little carp to bite, they must be very hungry. But as they are so angry I would urge people to tackle alot heavier than normal as they do not like being hooked.

One of the angry little folk at about 5lb

Will look to try and do some canal carpin soon.


  1. They're quality bream Andy. Nice photo on the rungs of the net too.

    That big old one looks like Grandpa compared to the young 'uns.

  2. Cheers Keith, it was a much older fish. I feel that with the correct m4ethoid you could bag a very impressive net of bream from this venue. They were topping all over the place, and they are all of a good stamp. Tight Lines