Monday, 23 May 2011

Wind of change....Bream PB

On Sunday I made my way back to scene of my PB tench last week, with again tincas being my target species. This time I went about it slightly differently. I had decided to spomb out a carpet of bait then fish over it, with aim being to get the fish feeding over my area instead of moving in and out in a sporadic manner.

I started off with about 10 spomb fulls of a mixture of corn, dead red maggots, casters and pellets at a range of about 40 yards from the same area I fished last week. I set both rods and sat back watching the sun rise. At 5.45 my right hand rod had a run, after a steady fight a tench of was landed. A nice start. 4lb 13oz butter belly!

Over the next hour i missed two good runs, one of which I think might have woke me from a quick nap, the other of which snagged me on something in the open water. When runs are hard to come by I get annoyed at losing them, especially as the nap was not planned...perhaps the general anaesthetic from Friday had made a return??

I did not though miss the next one which screamed off, I was into a better fish as I could tell by the weight on the line, not fighting in that mad way that the smaller male tench tend to do. Instead making powerful runs in various directions. The culprit was a very nice female tench of 6lb 4oz

Though i was pleased to have landed a couple of fish by 9 o'clock the swim was not showing the signs that I thought it might of feeding fish. When the bailiff came round he bought he usual good luck, whilst talking the left rod belted off. A male with an attitude issue was the guilty party, though only 3lb 11oz it ran me a merry dance looking for snags and roots. In fact the bailiff commented that it might be the smallest one he has seen! No picture was taken in the shame!

By 12 the swim had gone dead and I made the decision to change plans and move to the other side of the lake into which the very strong wind was blasting. Be nice for my newly acquired holes in my mouth!!!

I had made a quick call to my girlfriend explaining that I was only going to be an hour or so but just wanted to give a new swim a go. After about 45 mins of this hour my right hand rod bounced to life with the bobbin jumping up and down 3 or 4 times prior to slowly running off. I hit the bite and was in, this time though the fight was very different....bream o'clock! As I slipped the net under the fish I knew I was in the PB area. On the scales the fish went 9lb 2oz. this fish was far from pretty but as my new person best I could not grumble. She was though very empty of roe so could have been a bit heavier just a couple of weeks ago?

I put the rods back out the the hope that there may be a shoal out there....within 10mins the left hand rod ripped off...tench I thought, well you know what thought did!!!! Another bream, this time a beautiful dark bronze male which gleamed in the half breaking sun as it drifted into the net. On scales the fish was 7lb 9oz which I would consider large for a male! With this in mind I do feel there could be a monster female in there somewhere.

I did stay a bit longer than the hour but my bed was calling as were the co-codermol!

Tight Lines


  1. Awesome move! congratulations and good luck with the gnashers!

  2. Well done on the slabs Andy. I'll be over that neck of the woods soon armed to the teeth and ready to do battle with the slimy ones as I've discovered another pond not so far distant that has them to fifteen, or so I've heard

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