Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Time for some Tinca-ing!

On Sunday myself and Dan had decided to pay a visit to a local pit. On arrival we walked the lake as it was empty . We discussed most swims with the focus being on depth, wind and of course any feeding/topping fish. After around ten minutes the decision was made to fish a couple of pegs next to each other.

After quickly adding some lake water to my secret mix, I set about using my marker float to check out what was in front of me., it appeared very clear and also thought the depth did vary between 6ft and 5ft quite level. With this in mind I decided to fish at about 40 yards with both rods, as I was fishing with barbel rods this was comfortable as they are not made for throwing huge weights.

It took about half an hour before my left hand alarm sang, fish on! After a energetic fight a male tench of 4lb 8oz was on the mat. Fin perfect and a good start to the session.

Though I was very keen to get a bed of bait out in front of me I was also aware that using my new toy of a "SPOMB" might have a detrimental effect on the swim and after taking one fish I thought why change it etc. So with this in mind I had a set plan of casting every 20 mins to ensure that if fish moved into the swim they would have enough particles and goodies to keep them interested and not to move on...(Into Dan's swim)

After another half an hour this time it was the turn of the right hand alarm to bleep twice and then scream, this time the fight was different alot less speed but more weight. As the fish surfaced I could see that it was a female which had a rounded appearance, perhaps this was the reason for her lack of energy?? She scaled 5lb 4oz, but ordinarily I do feel she was more like a 4lb 8oz fish as she was very short but rotund.

The next two fish came in quite quick succession of each other both of which where very similar runs, once again a couple of bleeps then a screaming run. The fish came in as one of 4lb 4oz and then a one of 5lb 1oz.

Lee had come over for a chat at this point with myself and Dan, we discussed all things from the angling fraternity. Hearing that I was having a good morning "Specimen Keith" had rang me for a chat, whilst discussing the session my alarm let out an almighty scream meaning that I had to throw Keith to the floor and let him know that I had to go! Hearing this Dan and Lee came round to see what was the culprit, though erratic the fish felt alot better that what I had landed so far. Though there was some interesting moments around the second rod, the fish was landed to comments of "its a good one"..."think its a six"..."its a female"......"its bigger that six"....

On the scales the fish went 7lb 11oz which for me is a new PB. I was really surprised to see first hand the difference between a 5lb tench and one of nearly 8lb. I know it sounds very obvious but the different is huge not only in length but also in overall mass. Very happy with this beauty, to be honest i do feel this fish will be over 8lb in a couple of weeks as she was not full of roe by any means.
I really do not think this picture does this fish justice...real beaut!

After missing three runs due to phones calls and a bit of over enthusiasm I eventually hooked into another fish only to loose it at the net whilst being watch by the local "staffy walkers", bit annoyed but I did rush that one.

It took a while before my alarm made a more convincing scream and I was in again. This time a fish of 5lb 0oz was netted. This fish was alot more gold in appearance than the others.

At 12.30 we decided to call it a day and head back. Dan managed to land a late tench to prevent a cheque book and pen, but the other anglers failed to catch (some very competent ones too). This might mean that the fish shoal up in certain or areas or............I am lucky??


  1. Some lovely fish there,especially that pb Tench,well in.

  2. Andy, that 7's a lovely fish , and I thought the advice from your two gillies during the fight was exemplary. lol

    You definitely picked the right peg mate, on what was a difficult morning for the rest of us. :(

  3. Quite anoying sitting there watching you land fish one after another while our indicators were motionless.
    Great catch, well done with your pb - as you say, it will get bigger over the next few weeks.

  4. Thanks all, I realise the next time I fish that venue the outcome will be considerably different.Will definately be back, found it a very interesting venue. Tight Lines

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