Thursday, 21 April 2011

Bream for the blackness

After deciding to give the perch on the cut a break, I focused my attention on the bream that I have heard come out to feed once the boats have stopped moving. With this in mind I ventured to the canal.
I arrived at about 7 with my attention being to feed the swim before 8 when the boats should have stooped moving. I soaked up some 2mm fish meal pellets and added some hemp and a few casters. I was convinced I had made a good job of this and by 8 I thought my prebaiting was safe for the evening, so I added starlight s to my pole floats and settled in for the sun to go down. I had set up two rods both with very similar rigs, centre pins and float rods with pole floats on. My aim was to fish bread punch over the baited area lying on by about 3 inches to prevent tow.

As I felt settled I could not believe it when a bloody boat appeared at about 8.30, as far as was aware boats have an 8 o'clock curfew on their motors??? Not only did it appear it turned around over my prebaited area......all good plans and all! I did make very obvious glances at my watch to the boat people...but not even a simple sorry! In last few weeks I have witnessed some very intersting acts by narrow boat users, including tipping the contents of thier wood burner (ash etc) straight into the canal, throwing their washing up water in, and one of the very best urinating directly in to the canal....

Anyway rant over, After the canal had settles I introduced a small amount of feed an sat it out. I was very pleased when my starlight bobbed then sank away and I was into a fish. I have never fished at night before and found it very interesting fighting a fish in the dark. A nice looking bream surfaced and was soon in the net. A fish of 2lb 14oz.

It took a while before it happen again, this tome the fish ripped line from my pin....interesting! After a very spirited fight a larger bream surfaced, I really did not think it was bream to be honest. These fish fight so much more than the ones that are in still waters. This fish scaled 4lb 10oz...a nice fish for the cut!

The next bite came almost straight away, again taking line I was into another better fish. a differetn looking bream, in fact it was almost green. Though a bit bashed up it was still a nice fish. Scaling 3lb 15oz.

I finished fishing at 10.45 and was happy to have bagged 3 fish for over 10lbs. The one thing that I did notice was their tails, an commericals the bream tails are alot smaller than these!

Will definately try this again, I really enjoyed the different sounds from the canal in the dark.

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