Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Evening back on the cut.

On monday evening after doing some housework, I decided to nip back to the cut and have another pop at trying to catch a larger perch. After having a few nice fish and a couple of Zander I called it a day. I had a net of perch which went to 8lb 6oz.

Few of the larger pose for a piccy. Though I have enjoyed fishing the canal for perch I have now made the decision to target some different species...what next?? I am also planning to visit some local fisheries that have perch but are not really targeted by many. Might also start thinking of tincas and bramas soon?? Tight Lines


  1. If there were bigger perch in the stretch I'm certain you or Danny would have made contact with them by now Andy.

    Still a great net of fish though.

  2. Lovely bag of perch again Andy .Dan and yourself must be on first name terms with them by now haha

  3. Thats are thoughts also Keith...And Baz I have Pauline, Danielle, Mavis, Florence and Molly here ;-)

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