Friday, 11 March 2011

First ever night session...

After speaking with Danny early on in the week we decided that we could fit a midweek session in on the canal and fish into dark. Even though I have fished for years I have never fished past dusk, so this was something new for me.

I had purchased a lot of lobs for last weekend but ended up far to hung over to fish on Sunday....of course "never again". So with lots of worms at the ready I set up one perch rod with a rig that I have been working on recently,and a floating leger dead bait rig for zeds or other preds!!! Though I persevered for about an hour with the chopped lobs nothing showed any interest, this though was not the case for my dead bait which after about 15 mins started to bob and then slid away with a small jack pike taking my small roach. A good start in the new swim.

I re baited and cast to the same area. Due to no attention on the worms, I decided to change the set up and put a low resistance leger rig together with a single hook trace. Whilst doing this the float on the dead bait started to bounce once more, I picked up my rod and waited for ages for the bite to develop before slowly winding down to feel resistance. The culprit was the second pike of the evening this one being slightly bigger at about 5 lb. As I unhooked the fish Danny arrived, which I have to say felt good.

Danny had decided to fish in an area that we both thought would be a definite fish holder, this allowed me to concentrate on an other area that proved to be slightly more productive. By the time darkness fell I had landed two more fish, both of which were small zander, in fact one of which Danny described as a pilchard!!!!....better than nothing...:-)

Later on after missing two cracking runs on the legered bait, the float went away once more to produce my new PB zander. Though not as big as many anglers zander records was pleased to hear Danny say 3lb 8oz. I can only imagine how large the fish that Jeff caught must have been as though this fish only weighed in at the size of a small carp is appeared a lot larger. New Pb and something to work from!!

Shame that my face was not under full control during the photos!


  1. A PB is a PB Andy, and there are quite a few falling already this year - nice work.

  2. Well done on the PB mate.
    You'll get use to the dark once you get a few fish.

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