Monday, 14 March 2011

Jeffs advice pays off!

After putting on yesterdays blog that my girlfriend would kill me of I fished tonight, I decided to take Jeffs' advice and dance with proved to be good advice. I have a hospital appointment this afternoon in which they have decided to extract 3 off my wisdom teeth in about 7 weeks...great news! But it did enable me to be home for just before 4pm. With the though that my local pools will close today I only had one thing in mind...apart from the fact that my boxer had left me a present in the conservatory!
I headed to the pools with carp on my mind and had packed a very light set up to hopefully do the job. Two Avon rods with 1.5lb tips, 12lb line on a pair of baitrunner 5000s, a couple of Preston method feeders, a mould, a pack of size 8 hooks to nylon with hairs at 4 inches, some ready made method 3000 by Sensas, baiting needles, a meat punch, unhooking mat and landing net....I think that was it! oh and my chair!
I quickly got mt rigs into the water in a peg that is called suicide corner as for most of the season the carp are very difficult to get out of here due to the over grown reeds and vegetation etc, but at the moment it is ok and with the water temperature not that high I thought it was worth a crack.
It did not take long before my left hand reel started to pay line and I was into what felt like a good fish.. after a very spirited fight I slipped the net under a very long and think mirror carp, which I was very pleased registered 14lb 10oz...more points on the percentage chart! She was a nightmare to photograph but I think they came out ok?

I have made this all sound very easy, when in actual fact as I lifted the fish out it managed to snap my landing net head at the spreader so I was a little bit up the creak now!
I was quickly back in position wondering what to do if I hooked another carp...soon I found out, when my tip bent round again and I was into another solid fish. This one though was somewhat sluggish compared with the last and came up quite quickly. At this point I got nervous as a man had appeared behind me to watch me land the fish....but I only had a broken net head....trying to act relaxed I asked if he would mind assisting me as I had just had an accident...I knew he was a member of the club so pushed my luck a bit...he willingly accepted and in a flash he was lying face down on the platform with his arm outstretched into the lake with my broke net head in his hand....I had a Gilly!!! I guided the fish in his watching grasp, and was very pleased to see a beautiful fully scaled common carp. these fish are not like the name suggests in our club waters as the predominant carp are mirrors. On the scales she went 11lb 3oz. A real healthy looking female in prime condition, a bit a of a shame I could not get a good picture with her. I thought about asking my Gilly but he had walked off.....sacked!

After I had taken two fish on my left hand rod it was the turn of my right. But this was a different type of bight with a couple of bangs on the tip then a steady run, the culprit was a male bream of about 4lb ish with his breeding bumps and lumps all over him.

Though my girlfriend did arrive with a replacement landing net head it was not needed as after these fish no more eat at my table. Very pleased with three fish in just over 32 hours fishing, but sad to see the pools will soon be the 16th!!

Tight lines


  1. Looks like you had a nice trip Andy,noticed your mention of wisdom teeth extraction,which rung a bell with me,as I am due to have the same on the 24th of this month,can't say I'm looking forward to it but will be a relief when done I suppose.

    kind regards

  2. Removal of re productive organs will be on the cards if you carry on fishing excessivley old chap hahahah.

    I have some catching up to do in the species stakes now.


  3. I never made it out as I'd hoped yesterday, (mine didn't look like she'd be best pleased) but at least you showed who wears the trousers !
    (You are wearing trousers I assume ? - Oh I see it's a towel) ;)

    A nice mirror to top the carp points with.

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