Saturday, 26 February 2011

Take two on the cut!

I had a couple of hours to spare on Saturday so I decided to take my left over bait to the canal with my focus being on predators. I set up two rigs, in being a dead bait with a Drennan Zepler and a light bullet sinker, with roach and a single circle hook pattern. The other being a weird one which involved pellet waggler, float stops, a bullet sinker, and a size 6 hook to a short trace...not the norm I know but when fishing for the perch I have been snapped up on lots of zander as they can easily cut the mono.

I put the deadbait on the far reed bank and the perch rig down the nearside under a boats hull, adding some choppy to get things started. The rig can only have been in the water for a matter of seconds when the float started to move and they slide away, I had my first perch on the bank after being at the swims for no more that 5 minutes in total, a very nice fish which weighed 2lb 1oz. Luckily the boat owner was talking to me at the time so took the picture for me....doing my bit for angler and boating relations!!!

Nice hat!!!!

Moments latter the deadbait rod started to to show signs of fact the float raced down the far margin before sinking fast down into the water, a great bite. The culprit of this was a small Zander of 1lb 10oz. Though not a big fish it really wanted that bait.

I had now been there perhaps 10 minutes! Whilst talking to the barge owners the nearside worm rig was away again this time a smaller perch of about a 1lb. Then once again it slipped away to a Zander of just over 2lb....(later from the photos it may seem this was a fish I caught last week in the same area??)
With only around 20 minutes gone I had banked 2 Zander and 2 perch. This seemed like a red letter day.....but there was a sting! The boat started up and bloody well moved! Gutted just as things started off so well it was all over.

I moved down to the next boat which looked empty about 50 yards away, and set up in the same manner... to my surprise I had an immediate take, excellent another 2lb plus perch! I was a bit concerned at this point as something looked familiar about it..there was a damaged area between it dorsal fins, and on of its anal fins had a spotted pattern on it....It was the same fish that I had back only a matter of 30 minutes earlier!!!! Doh! I thought I had done the brace but I really can not count one fish twice.

This swim seemed die as quickly as it started, and this was the only fish that I had for the next 3 hours, though I was getting runs I did not bank anything. One of which pulled my rod round into the water and still managed to get away! I found myself back at the swim where I had started the day, as the rain came down and the light fell I started to think of dinner and a beer.

But, As with all fishing situation...just one more cast then I will be off.

The inside line had gone quiet but the far margin one had not, with my newly adapted Zepler now adorning a small nightlight, It bobbed and moved around constantly, with what I suspected were small Zander picking up my roach but not committing to taking it. When one did it unfortunately spat the hook when its head shook on the surface. Just on last cast... I watched more of the Zepler ballet for the next 10 minutes before it ripped up the canal, diving under the water..I wound down and struck into a much better sized fish...only to loose it after a short fight..bugger!
Though I did put the deadbait out again for a further 10 minutes my mind was now thinking Budweiser and my belly that of balti, so at around 6 I headed home. I will be back!


  1. Your into some nice cut stripeys there Andy. Trying to fatten your pet perch up's a bit below the belt though isn't it ! lol ;)

  2. What pattern circle hook Andy?

    I found it quite a trial to remind myself every time I had a run when using them last Friday (even though they were my bass hook of choice for years) not to strike hard as my instinct with zander is to wind down then and set the hook with a strong jerk upwards, an action that just pulls circle straight out.

  3. Yes Lee, I am thinking if I keep feeding it it will push 3lb by the end of march!

    Jeff,, I am using a Gamakatsu circle hook. it definately is getting in but I feel like I am pulling it back out...if that makes snese. I can feel the fish for a matter of seconds.I will try not to strike....but it is so hard as it feels like you have to "set" it.
    I have had more success n the drennan speicalist size 8 that I ahve been using with worm for the perch in hooking the Zeds....just know thiugh that soon I might deep hook one?

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