Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pixie hunting!!

When Keith suggested a road trip in search of pixies , I jumped at the chance. I have always enjoyed fishing for crucians and though I have caught many of them over the years, I have never really had a big one. With the overage size in the pools being high I knew I was in with a chance.Just a shame the weather did not know of our plans!!!!
 I had decided to take a couple of float rods and a 9ft bomb road to cover my options. The rods (one 13ft,one 15ft) were set up with pins loaded with 4 lb supplex, a maver indestructible .5g pencil pole float (I really rate these) , .5g olivette set 10 inches from a size 16 wide gape pellet hook, then a couple of 10 and 11 stot shots to present the bait on dead depth. This is a set up I have used for a few years now and have alot of confidence in when detecting small movements on the bait. I also like to use a bit of grease on the bristle to keep it  just above the surface. The bomb rod was set up with a simple small flat bed feeder on which I intended to fish 2mm micro and perhaps soft pellet on the hook

To kick off the swim I fed some 2mm feed pellets, chopped worm and also a few grains of green giant. I decided to start with a small section worm in order to get a feel for what was in the swim, as fish just adore the dendras! It was not long before I found out, whilst looking at my bait table I heard the ratchet on the pin scream as my line shot into the lilies. Unfortunately the fish got to far into the bed and I lost it. 1 bite;1 new rig not ideal!

After sorting a new rig I was back into the fed spot. Dib, dib and away..... tinca time! Throughout the session I found if I fed choppie the tincas moved in. Catching a pleasing 14 between 1lb and around 5lb throughout the session. Also bagging roach up to 14oz and a rare bream.

A sample tinca from the session

In between I did though manage two crucians, weighing 1lb 9oz and a new Pb weight of 2lb 10oz.
I will be back there I as am confident on a day with bettter conditions I can bag a 3lb'er or 4!!!!


  1. Nice one pal, it's worth the drive in the end isn't it. Wish we had more waters up here with that stamp :(

  2. It's about time you spanked your fishing partner for the day.

    I was spanked! I only had one tench and a few roach across the whole day.

    Well fished Andy. I suppose I'll just have to go back and try again! :)

  3. You are a pixie.....

    About time some one gave it to Mr Jobling .....he tried to push me in the Itchen when I told him of my 2.2 grayling.....

    Tight lines old chap

    Baz Peck

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