Sunday, 3 June 2012

Holiday fun on the reefs

Thought I would do a quick round up of the sessions that I had recently on my honeymoon to Mauritius. When I say honeymoon I mean fishing holiday! ;-) I had been kindly lent a travel rod by a friend with a Shimano link, which just fit into my suit case, along with a small reel and some lures etc.
On arrival at the hotel in the north of the island,  I immediately looked out from the window to see probably the most amazing sea scape I have ever been privileged to set my eyes on; also noticing the mullet and other fish moving around the lagoon.

I had days of fun catching all kinds of small reef fish ranging from small grouper, curang, captain fish and other somewhat bazaar fish. All of which where caught on bread and jelly worms a few below show these days.A few pics below to help illustrate the area and fish..

The most enjoyable session of the week  many will find bazaar. I spoke to a local guy in the day at the bar, he had seen me fishing and was interested in the tackle and techniques that I was using. After a few beers he told me he owned a boat and would be happy to take me out night fishing outside the reef as many of the larger fish feed at night. Being out about a mile from shore, with a man I only met that day, with only a torch, a hand line; was interesting to say the least. Out of the glow form the hotel it was truly amazing looking up at the star scattered night sky. We caught some small reef fish on squid but nothing readily kicked on...until i struck into something a bit pitch darkness it was a fight which I can only describe as blind! The fish came up close to the boat, Steve (good Mauritian name) shouted shark! His torch beam showed a fish of about 4 ft long, estimated at about 35/40lb....... it was at this point that my line pinged clear and the shark disappeared into the dark depths. True catch and release! Though it would have been nice to have a photo, I feel Steve would not have wanted it to be returned, so the fact it bit through the line was meant to be. Sharks are best on the reef where they should be. Reef fish examples.

The second week was spent at the south of the island in a swish 5 star hotel which had an even more exciting area to fish. Whilst scuba diving I noticed a group of small barracuda which were to much of an attraction to ignore. ...much to the holiday sunbathers amazement I landed a couple within my first few casts. The locals do not fish like us as the lures in Mauritius are very expensive so seeing the cuda hitting the surface lures also bought some attention from the hotel staff and beach workers. They live virtually only on fish and were also very happy recipients of my captures. They feel that cuda/tazar are more dangerous that sharks, so are only to happy to see them out of the swimming area! They are very aware also of not over fishing and only taking what they need on a day to day basis.

I also had some time on a sport boat for a day in which I managed to scrag a Dorrado which was a beautiful fish but to be honest the crew wanted in in the fish well asap so I did not really have the chance to play the fish to enjoy the fight. It would seam they make money from these sop they do not mess around!

I spent most of this week on a pedalo around the reef, i can recommend this as the fish fight like stink and it saves you a lot of money! Many of my fish were given to the lads who worked in the boat house whom went out of their way to get me access to the boats every day.More pics of the week.

 If anyone is thinking of venue in which the wife can sit in th esun and you can fish...this is the one!

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