Thursday, 21 October 2010

New rod gives a good account of itself!

After selling my old Diawa Tommy Pickering float on a well known site...I decided to treat myself to a new float rod. Looking at the reviews on line and speaking to a few anglers. I eventually settled on the new Preston Excel 13ft Float rod.

Once I had bought it I had to give it a go so I teamed it up with my faithful closed face reel and set up a Drennan Antenna Waggler which will enable me to both fish at the tip but also punch out if I need to, whilst not losing sensitivity. I bulked the shot at the connector and out just two dropper shot size 9 down the line, with the aim to present a single caster on a size 20, with a hooklink of 2lb.

I arrived at the Avon Hoe pools and got myself comfortable (broken foot) as the early morning sun steamed off the lake. Feeding sparingly bought some instant results with roach taking the caster straight away, fish up to 1lb were netted steadily for the first hour or so.... then the float dipped and then buried. On the strike I knew this was no roach...After a fight which lasted about 10 mins I netted a beautiful 16lb 4 oz mirror carp.
This proved that I have made a good choice in purchasing this rod, as the tip action dealt nicely with the roach and rudd, whilst he through action came into play when fighting the carp, proving its worth as it cushioned the hard running and prevented the 2lb link for breaking off.

I have been out again since and would really recommend this rod to anyone. Landing all types of fish in this session with two carp one of 12lb 7oz and the other of 14lb 8oz, 4 tench up to 6lb 2oz, 5 bream around 4 lb, a chub of 3lb 7oz and loads of silvers..... all on single caster or the bread punch, with a 2lb hooklink!

Tight Lines Andy

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  1. I rate an impartial write-up like that over an advertorial any day Andy. Nice one. Sounds like it would be good on the river too.