Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Little Zeds from the Cut

After having fished my local stretch of canal on a couple of occasions with no joy, I have at last bagged a few small Zander from the cut. Interestingly they are all very small in fact all under 2 pounds so I suspect that this stretch might well have been electro'd in the the past. Smallest being "hand-sized".

After missing lots of fish on a light float set up I have settled now on fishing a running link with very small bobbins and alarms. On the canal this allows for good bait placement with the tow going backwards and forwards constantly.

I have also netted some crayfish, ruffe and perch, which again interests me as all predatory species.


  1. Don't be shy Andy!

    Let us have the GPS coordinates of the ruffe why don't you!?

    I'm yet to catch a (bloody!) ruffe this year.


    Keith .J

  2. Hi Keith, Your have been very close in the past. I think on a bike ride???