Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Fishy Friends?

For those people who read this blog, I have the next week off work and am looking to go out to the following venues:

Snitterfield Res in search of crucians and perhaps silvers,
College Pool to target the bream on the slider and feeder,
Oxford Canal with silver bream in mind on probably the pole,
Perhaps a return visit to Napton for revenge on the tench!

Up for an adventure anywhere if anyone has room for me to join a jolly?

I am looking for folks to fish with as after meeting lots of good people at Ryton it has made me aware that fishing on my own can be a bit....urm..."boring" at times. By that I do not mean that I get bored by fishing, just would not mind a chat and a bit of company...sad I know.
If anyone fancies a run out then please let me know.
Cheers Andy

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