Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lawford beach casting???

With a little bit of time on my hands I decided to take trip to my local stretch of the Avon which "locals" call the beach, due the amount of kids that paddle and play in the shallows and parents that sunbath....proper classy!
On arrival there were non of the above so I had my choice of where to fish. Tackle wise I had taken very little, my old trust Diawa Tommy Pickering Whisker Connoisseur 13ft float rod, centre pin, stick float, size 16 hook and a loaf of bread...oh and some shot!
I opted for wading down stream and long trotting the float straight down in front of me, whilst introducing some bread mash. It was my aim to connect with chub and hopefully roach.
I stuck this out for about and hour but though I could see fish topping down the run I failed to attach to any. Which to be honest was disappointing as the swim looked great and I felt like I was fish well, with nicely presented bread flake.
I moved around the corner to a high banked bend in the river in which I could see minnows and small dace darting around so thought there might be larger fish in the vicinity. Well first run through my float dipped and a small chub was landed...not bad but I hoped for more.

A chub of around 3 pounds swam bold as brass straight down the swim towards me but continued on up stream...never to be seen again!
Second run through dip and a dace was banked...perhaps in for a good ending to a poor morning?

I did though see some some perch chasing some minnows so decided to go on the hunt for some worms...mole hill bashing! I did find one so cut it into two pieces and flicked my rig into the water. Dip, dip, and away. It took about three seconds for the first perch to take the worm, but I drooped it after disgorging straight back into its home! Only half a worm left to see what else lived in the swim. Again dip, dip and away the second perch took the bait. A pristine little fella that looked great in the mid afternoon sun.

After the perch I did manage a few other small dace but nothing to bore you anymore with.

A very enjoyable afternoon spent sitting on the beach!

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