Sunday 24 February 2013

Chilly Chubbing in January

Over the last month I have been predominantly focusing on the Warwickshire Avon around my local area. To say that the weather has effected this has been an understatement, with floods, freezing and run off. I have though managed to snag a few. My tactics have been very simple, with processed bread in a small cage feeder on a short pat link to a size 8 super specialist hook. I did from time to time change the feeder for a couple of swan shot to improve my presentation , allow the bread to find its natural resting place in the flow etc.

This was the largest of the fish, caught from a swim in which my rod tip almost touched the opposite bank!!
And then the snow came!!!

Unsure why the is one came out blue?
The fish have ranged between 3lb 7oz and 4lb 8oz. The best tactic that I have found is to keep moving , as bites usual come within the first 15 mins. Would really like to bag a 5 from here. Though I am more than aware a 5 is not a massive fish, it is not all about that for me. I could fish many areas that have a reputation for large chub but fishing a section of the river which is no more than 5 metres wide has a more rewarding feeling.
All in all I am really enjoying it, having caught in many different swims and thus far not blanked, landing 17 fish in 8 outings.
As the water clears and settles I aim to fine down and fish the stick in suitable swims.


  1. Good stuff Andy. I've had two low fives from around that area (if it's where I think it is) but an awful lot of high three and mid fours between. Two pounders were really uncommon but both fives came from really odd areas where you wouldn't think chub would be. You'll get one in the end, and maybe even a six lives there? I always thought it could happen

  2. Well done Andy, I am also after a 5lb Chevin from my stretch of the Upper Avon, as you say not a huge fish but a fish worth catching from the Upper no doubt, I am currently stuck on 4.15!

  3. P.S Can you add my blog to your lost also!

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